Which lots are still available?
Lot 5 and 26. For the most detailed information visit the Homes page.

What are time frames for Phases 3 & 4?
Lots 24-27 Opened Spring 2009, Phase 3B Lots 28-37 Site Planning, engineering and architectural design underway. Market will determine when these lots will be available.

What is the earliest time frame one could expect to move in?
This would depend upon the stage of the lot that you choose. Rough time frames are...
     - Complete design & construction phases can take from 6 - 12 months.
     - Homes already under construction could take between 4 - 6 months.
     - Completed homes may be available upon closing.

What amount of downpayment is require to secure a home?
Once a mutually agreeable design and site plan are approved, the sale of the property will proceed. The lot owner can then proceed to work directly with a local builder to construct their home. It is up to the builder and homeowner to work out a contract that works for both parties. The approved house plan must be built to the design and quality that was originally approved. Visiting our Purchase page may answer more of your process related questions .

Where can I find (or get) the most recent updated information on Willow Ponds lots and homes?
Visiting our Homes page, and contained page links, will give you the most current information available on ours lots and homes. If you have specific questions, feel free to contact us at 541-386-5559.

What are the lot square footages and maximum home sizes at Willow Ponds?
This information has been summarized on the Available Lot Pricing & Sizes, page. You may also find sq. ft. home sizes on designed or constructed homes on the Homes page.

What does the $ 43/month Homeowners Association fee cover?
This fees provides maintenance of common areas as well as, Farmers Irrigation fees. Reference the Willow Ponds CC&R document for more information.

Is it possible to purchase a lot only? Can we build our own home?
It is possible to buy a lot and/or build your home on a Willow Ponds lot that is currently available. To do so, you may use one of our architects, or you may choose your own architect and we will provide design review. To maintain the integrity of the Willow Ponds development, before any lot is sold, a well-specified house plan must be agreed to by both buyer and seller. As well, we reserve the right to review and approve your selected builder. Locally, you may choose one of our current site builders or choose from an approved builders list. In either event, in keeping with the spirit of the development, the square footage of each home must stay under 30% of the lot size. Not more than 22% is permitted on the first level. At the same time we work to maximize views, sun exposure and privacy. To see further details of our process visit and review our Purchase page, CC&R document, and Design Guidelines.

What are the square foot building costs?
Construction prices for Willow Ponds homes are ranging from $150 per sq ft to $300 per sq ft depending on size, level of detail and finishes. As each home is custom, there are no set square ft. construction costs. Specific building costs would need to be provided by your chosen builder.

Are the home plans flexible?
Yes, the home plans are flexible, and the process to purchase a lot and build a home are customizable to your needs. That flexibility is detailed on our Purchase page. However, our Willow Ponds CC&R document and Design Guidelines are less flexible to ensure completion of the project as promised to our previous buyers and governing bodies. Should you need a clarification on these guidelines, please contact us.