Considering a Purchase

At any given time, several purchasing options may be available in Willow Ponds. The developers, Barone Holdings LLC offer new lots for sale which can be purchased through our realtor, Jane Parker of Don Nunamaker Realtors. Some of these lots may include an already designed home or some may include a new design where you work directly with our project architect to design the home that fits your needs. Other homes may be available by homeowners and builders. At no time will a lot be sold without a house design approved by the buyer and seller. This is to insure the integrity of Willow Ponds and its design elements remain intact.

If you have any questions, regarding purchasing at Willow Ponds, please feel free to call or email us. We work with each client individually to meet their needs.

Willow Ponds Realtor:
Jane Parker
Don Nunamaker Realtors
Phone: (541) 387-6568
Toll Free: 1-800-544-1930 #6568

Financing is now available for lots and construction loans. For more information visit Washinton Federal Savings.