willow ponds

Willow Ponds is situated on 20 acres on the west side of Hood River, close to schools, shopping and recreation. What was once a run down cattle farm has now been rejuvenated into a small residential neighborhood with 30% of the land designated to green space. Much of this space has been reserved as natural wetlands or will be created into public gardens for the residents to enjoy. The topography of the land allows for views of Mt Hood, Mt Adams, the Washington and Oregon hills and some views of the Columbia River.

The road system through Willow Ponds is created to give you the feel of country lanes, which are flanked by a tree-lined shoulder and a tumbled paver stoned walkway. Large glacier field boulders that exist on the property are being collected and redistributed where appropriated to further enhance the groupings of feature trees, creeks and gardens, while retaining the harmony of the environment as a whole.

Lot sizes vary as well as placement and building size to promote variation and created higher density areas with separation achieved through open spaces between these clusters of homes. Park buffer zones between the homes gives the feeling of a more rural character and maintains space and views which is the foundation of this neighborhood.

Access to I-84, downtown Hood River and Mt Hood are easily achieved.

hood river

The town of Hood River, Oregon is a town of 6700, located at the eastern end of the Columbia River Gorge, about 1 hour from downtown Portland. The Columbia River Gorge is the stunning beautiful path cut through the Cascade Mountains by the Columbia River as it flows to the Pacific Ocean. The gorge is steep forests punctuated by huge waterfalls.

Over the past 15 years Hood River and the Columbia River Gorge have evolved into one of the most active outdoor sports areas in the nation. Long recognized as one of the world's best windsurfing sites, "The Gorge" has also come to be recognized as a world-class place for mountain biking, white water kayaking, sailplane flying, and kite boarding. Excellent downhill skiing at Mt. Hood Meadows is only 45 minutes away.

Hood River Valley itself is formed by the Hood River, which flows north from the flanks of 11,000' Mount Hood. It is a nearly perfect climate for growing fruit. Apple, pear, or cherry orchards cover virtually every acre of the valley floor.

The Hood River community is an active cultural center. Theater, arts, music, fine dining, all thrive here. And should you need more, Portland, Oregon is just an hour's drive down the freeway.

The Hood River climate is moderate in both summer and winter. Summer days are usually sunny, breezy and comfortably warm. Winters are cool and rather wet, though much less wet than Portland. Snow is occasional in Hood River, though more frequent as you climb toward Mount Hood. The Gorge enjoys a colorful fall. And in the valley, spring is marked by 10 pastel days in which all the orchards seem to come into bloom at once.

The Hood River economy is vibrant and diverse. Originally based on the logging and fruit packing industries, the local economy has grown to include manufacturing for the windsurfing industry, aerospace and avionics development, sports apparel manufacturing, software development, and much more.

But the best part about Hood River is how it feels; friendly.

It's a good place to live.